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Customer Testimonials

"Iíve worked with Blake for eight years. Over that time a lot of people have tried to get my business, but I stay with Blake. I call it dual loyalty. I stay loyal to them and they will be loyal to me. They have great service and competitive prices and any problems that arise are very easily worked out by their staff."
---Jerry Barber

"We have used Blake as our primary supplier for several years.  Both their knowledge and service are great assets to our daily operations.  We are grateful to do business with a local company that continually exceeds our quality and service expectations."
---Bowen Jones

"Blake offers same-day service, which is something big companies can’t.  If you call a big company past a certain time it will be next day delivery.  I can call Blake in the middle of the day and it will still be same-day delivery.  There are no automated phone systems at Blake – when you call, they know you by name or even by your voice.  There is simply no other company like it."
---Chad Tyler

"I’ve been dealing with BBS for over 30 years.  They’ve always been easy, and their quality of lumber is better than the other local stores, not to mention the quality of service.  I can call them with a need and they can deliver within hours, others just can’t compete with that kind of service.  I was working on a project in Henry County and one of Blake’s competitors tried to gain my business.  Price-wise, they were very competitive, but I just didn’t trust that the quality of lumber was the same and I won’t risk the safety of a house based on pure price.  That’s why I buy 90 percent of my building supplies from Blake."
---Alex Tatum

"They’re handy for us because they carry everything we need in stock.  Local builders’ supply stores down here in my area have to order what we need."
---Chuck Bledsoe

"Blake has professional salesmen and they have a good supply of what we need on a daily basis, if they don’t, they get it within a reasonable time."
---Kyle Johnson

"Their customer service is above and beyond.  I’ve had times when I’m running out of a particular material and my sales rep at Blake would bring it to the site within a couple of hours.  That’s a tremendous help to a builder."
---James Faison